Mercedes-Benz Partner Programs



Are you considering adding Mercedes-Benz to your company's fleet?

Our dealership, a local business like yours, is proud to be part of and contribute to our shared community. Use our brand to highlight yours! If your company has three or more vehicles of any make or model currently registered under the organization's name, you are eligible for substantial savings ($500 to $7,000) on a new Mercedes-Benz. These upfront savings, combined with a very strong and competitive back-end residual, provide an extremely competitive total cost of ownership.

Are you a member or employee of one of our partner organizations?

Membership has its privileges. If you're a member of one of our valued Affinity Partners or an employee at over 400 of our partner companies, you can enjoy a range of exclusive offers on the purchase or lease of a new Mercedes-Benz of your dreams. See below for just a few of our proud partners.

Click HERE for a detailed list of companies that participate 

Terms and conditions apply for fleet program. See dealership for full details

Additional Savings for Members and Employees:

2018 Models
 CLA Coupe $750 C-Class Coupe $1,000 GLC Coupe $500
 E-Class Coupe $1,000 GLE Coupe $500 CLS Coupe $500
 S-Class Coupe $500    
Sedans & Wagons
 C-Class Sedan $2,000E-Class Sedan$1,500
 S-Class Sedan$500Mercedes-Maybach $500
 E-Class Wagon $500G-Class $500
Roadsters & Cabriolets
 SLC Roadster $1,000 SL Roadster $1,500
 C-Class Cabriolet $1,000 E-Class Cabriolet $500
 S-Class Cabriolet $500  
 GLA SUV $750 GLC SUV $1,250
 GLE SUV $1,500 GLS SUV $500
 G-Class SUV $500  
2019 Models

 CLA Coupe
 $750 C-Class Coupe
 $1,000 GLC Coupe  
 E-Class Coupe
 $500 GLE Coupe  
 $500 CLS Coupe
 S-Class Coupe
Sedans & Wagons
 C-Class Sedan
 $1,500E-Class Sedan
 S-Class Sedan
 $1,500 Mercedes-Maybach $500
 E-Class Wagon
 $500 G-Class $500

Roadsters & Cabriolets
 SLC Roadster
 $1,000 SL Roadster
 C-Class Cabriolet
 $1,000 E-Class Cabriolet
 S-Class Cabriolet

 $1,250GLC SUV
 $1,500 GLS SUV
 G-Class SUV
When danger lies ahead, it matters what's behind you. A Mercedes-Benz surrounds you in an unmatched legacy of safety innovation, and an unwavering dedication to guarding your future. When you buy a Mercedes-Benz, you know what you're getting - a car that will stand the test of time and exhilarate your senses. They perform. They keep you safe. They last. They truly stand apart, and you will too. With a wide range of incentives, a new Mercedes-Benz vehicle is now within reach.

Plus, every vehicle comes with the following features:
  • 24-hour Roadside Assistance
  • 4-year/50,000-mile limited warranty
  • Active and passive safety features
  • Unmatched customer service


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